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About Us

Abhar Cable is Iran’s largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high quality, high voltage electrical cables. Our innovative cables are recognised, respected and preferred worldwide for use in leading development projects.

Over 25 years of excellence.

Established in 1992, Abhar Cable has been serving industry in Iran and worldwide for over 25 years. Today, we’re Iran’s largest manufacturer and supplier of high quality, high voltage electrical cables.

Over the last three decades, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering excellence, innovation and impact. Our cables are consistently selected for use in landmark development projects, both in Iran and internationally.

We’re committed to powering the future. Many of the projects we collaborate on are critical to the ongoing, sustainable technological, economic and social development.

Trusted Partners

No matter the size and scope of your requirement, we’re here to ensure your project’s a success. Our unique focus on industry insight, innovation and design optimisation enables us to being our clients tailored, end to end solutions.

We believe in forging enduring partnerships with our clients. These ongoing strategic alliances enable us to offer every client a truly bespoke service, based on their precise, evolving business and project needs.

We’re consultants as well as providers, sharing our latest thought leadership and recommendations to ensure you’re achieving the best possible results today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Superior cables.
Exceptional solutions.

We know that industry’s challenges and needs are complex, diverse and constantly evolving. Abhar Cable designs and manufactures the most comprehensive range of innovative, high quality cables to ensure that, whatever your problem, we have a solution to solve it.

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Always innovating

We believe that innovation drives positive change for both businesses and wider society. That’s why its at the heart of our design and development approach.

Abhar Cable owns and runs the largest research and innovation laboratory in the Middle East – the AC Research and Development Center. In our R&D lab, we combine the latest technology with cutting-edge operations processes to optimise our products, evolve new ones, and create the future of energy.

We’re proud to have been the first cable manufacturer to achieve 400KV, solar cables, marine cables and more.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

Our cables meet the highest standards of quality assurance and certification. As part of our rigorous quality plan, we carry out detailed inspections at every stage of the production process, from the raw materials to the finished products.

To learn more about the certificates we hold, please contact rkarimi@abharcable.com

Corporate Social Responsibilty

We’re committed to driving shared progress through sustainable technological, economic and social development. Based in Iran and with the highest quality production standards, we also represent an extremely cost-efficient, accessible solution for clients.

To learn more about our corporate governance, please contact rkarimi@abharcable.com

Fire safety

It’s our duty to help keep people safe. Our safety record is second to none and we advocate for improved standards across the whole industry, as well as offering a wide selection of fire safe cables.

To learn more about our leading safety initiatives, please contact rkarimi@abharcable.com

Meet the team

Our team is passionate, committed and highly experienced. We’re innovators, researchers, designers, manufacturers, strategists and business partners, powering the future together.

Alireza Kolahi
Alireza Kolahi
Cyrus Sherafat
Cyrus Sherafat
Executive board member
Davoud Sabouri
Davoud Sabouri
Managing Director
Rasoul Keyvanara
Rasoul Keyvanara
Chief financial officer
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A distinguished history

Since Abhar Wire & Cable was founded over 25 years ago, our focus has been on utilising world-class manufacturing techniques to produce specialised cables for key sectors in Iran and around the globe.

Throughout our history to date, we've achieved many significant milestones, including launching new innovations, contributing to groundbreaking projects, and receiving prestigious awards.

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Our clients

We’re proud to partner with leading businesses and organizations, in Iran and internationally.

Hear it from them

Discover what our clients have to say about working with Abhar Cable.

“I highly recommend Abhar Wire & Cable. The team were incredibly efficient, ensuring we hit our deadline while maintaining the highest standards.”


“Live since 2009, we have been very satisfied with the cables and attachments Abhar supplied to Baghe Moein-Tohid 132 kV power station.”


“We hereby express our appreciation for the high quality of service provided by Abhar. The company supplied 750 km of 20 kV cable to our project.”


Leading the industry

We’re thrilled to have won many awards over the years, and to have had our achievements recognised within our industry and further afield.

Highly respected and experienced, we make it our mission to champion the need for quality, best practice and regulation across the industry, both nationally and internationally.

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